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Hobb, Robin (2000) Ship of Destiny

The final book in The Liveship Trilogy (the first two are 1998's Ship of Magic and 1999's Mad Ship), which is itself a followup to The Farseer Trilogy (Assassin's Apprentice, Royal Assassin, and Assassin's Quest). Both are set on the same world, although in different kingdoms.

Card, Orson Scott (1999) Ender's Shadow

A parallel book to Ender's Game, following a different character, Bean, and relegating Ender to a supporting character. Ender's Game of course spawned the amazing tetralogy (where every book was completely different from the other three) that included Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind.

Tepper, Sheri S. (1999)  Singer from the Sea

The latest from a master of blending science fiction and fantasy (see also Six Moon Dance, below). Her books feature strong women and a special concern for ecology and balance, and this one is no exception. I never tire of her imagination, which constantly astounds me.

Feist, Raymond E. (1998) Shards of a Broken Crown

Volume 4 of The Serpentwar Saga (Volumes 1-3 are 1994's Shadow of a Dark Queen, 1995's Rise of a Merchant Prince, and 1997's Rage of a Demon King). More Raymond E. Feist sagas are also on my list. I recommend reading The Riftwar Saga first, then The Empire Saga, and finally The Serpentwar Saga.

Feist, Raymond E. (1984) Magician: Apprentice

Ray's first book which started The Riftwar Saga leveraged off of a computer game set in the kingdom of Krondor. Volumes 2-4 are Magician: Master (1984), Silverthorn (1985), and A Darkness at Sethanon (1986). The story picks up again years later following some of the children in Prince of the Blood (1988) and The King's Buccaneer (1989).

Feist, Raymond E. and Wurts, Janny (1987) Daughter of the Empire

This book kicks off The Empire Saga, a trilogy set on Kelewan, the homeworld of the enemy in The Riftwar Saga, and its action is contemporaneous with and intersects with events from that series. 1990's Servant of the Empire and 1992's Mistress of the Empire complete the trilogy.

Scott, Melissa (1998)  The Shapes of Their Hearts

The latest from the award-winning author of cyberpunk and other excellent hard science fiction. From 1992's Dreamships and its sequel, 1997's Dreaming Metal, with 1996's Night Sky Mine and Point of Hopes in between (as well as several also excellent but out-of-print books), she has been consistently entertaining.

Tepper, Sheri S. (1998)  Six Moon Dance

The penultimate novel from an astounding writer. Her books, from her 1983 trilogy The True Game (which includes King's Blood Four, Necromancer Nine, and Wizard's Eleven) to the classic Grass to the twisted fairy tale Beauty (1991) to 1997's cautionary tale The Family Tree, are both science fiction and fantasy, and usually include at least one amazing twist that no one sees coming.



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