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My mother, Merriam ("Boots") Roebuck Wiggins, did extensive genealogical research on our family histories in the 1970s. She interviewed family members, travelled around the country looking up historical records and visiting cemeteries, exchanged information with other genealogical researchers, and put together a fairly comprehensive collection of information. In 1993, I took my mother's research and family photographs and laid out a book which I gave as Christmas presents to most of my living relatives. That book forms the basis for these pages, which are HTML-exported PageMaker files which have then been cleaned up a bit (almost all living relatives have been removed, too, for privacy reasons). From my father's side of the family we have the Wiggins Family (including the Raulerson and Stalvey families), the Wilson Family, and the Carlton Family. From my mother's side we have the Roebuck Family and the Goodale-Goodell-Goodall Family (particularly the Artemus Kimball Goodale Family).

I am in the process of converting my mother's research into a GEDCOM database with all sources annotated, and updating it using sites like GENDEX, RootsWeb, and FamilySearch. You can view HTML hyperlinked versions of the ancestors of my grandparents, Charles LaRue Wiggins and Helen Marie Wilson (paternal), and William Robert Roebuck and Wylma Maude Childress (maternal). These pages will be updated as I gather new information.

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