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The Wilson Family


—In files of Polk County Historical Library, Bartow, Florida


James Wilson1 the progenitor of the Wilson family herein described, was born in Scotland about 1740, and came to North Carolina long before the Revolutionary War. He served in the Revolutionary War in which he was commissioned Captain, April 19, 1777, in the 10th North Carolina Regiment from which he resigned May 20, 1778, and joined Captain James Mitchell's Company, May 31, 1778 until January 1, 1780. He was taken prisoner by the British at Charleston, South Carolina, May 12, 1780, as Captain-Lt. in the South Carolina Artillery Regiment1.

Captain James Wilson moved from North Carolina and settled in Effingham County, Georgia, where he lived until his death on March 1, 1825. Captain James Wilson's son, James Wilson, served in the War of 1812 as Captain in a Georgia Regiment. (See White's Statistics of Georgia). According to tradition, he was also a drummer in the Revolutionary War.

When Captain James Wilson came to Georgia, he brought with him his first wife Saish and their three sons, John, James, Jr., and Jesse. After the death of his first wife, he married Mrs. Eliza Ann (Gordon) Pace, in 1784. Eliza Ann Gordon, born ca 1755 in N. C. married first, ca 1770, a Mr. Woodward; second, ca 1775, a Mr. Pace; and third, 1784, Captain James Wilson. The parents of Eliza Ann Gordon came from Edinburgh, Scotland, and settled in the Carolinas. Two of her brothers were on opposite sides in the Revolutionary War. One was Captain of a Company of Loyalists, while the other brother was with the Colonists.

Eliza Ann Gordon had a son, Tryon Pace, born Oct. 13, 1776, with whom she lived after the death of her husband, Capt. James Wilson, and at whose home she died.

Children of Captain James Wilson and his first wife were:

1. John Wilson2, born 1762, married in 1784, moved to Texas.

2. James Wilson2, born 1764, married Elizabeth Morgan 1794, died 1833.



1 Authority: War Dept., Military Secretary's Office; Heitmans Register of Continental Officers; North Carolina Revolutionary Records, Vols. 10, 16, and 17, see Index; Office of Secretary of State, Atlanta, Georgia, Book 3 K8s, page 407; Appendix Smith's History of Georgia and Georgia People; Cherokee Land Lottery. Ann Wilson, widow of Revolutionary Soldier of Effingham County, GA. (Lot in Cass County); also see D.A.R. Certificate nos. 56186, 60404, 60405, 64419, 69468, and 72805; 147921, 160491, 160492, 120817, 80433, 106252, 99961, 203637.



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3. Jesse Wilson2, born 1766, married Elizabeth Cook, July 11, 1786, moved to Illinois.

4. (Probably a Grace Wilson2, born Jan. 3, 1772)

Children of Captain James Wilson and his second wife, Eliza Ann Gordon were:

5. Luke Wilson2, born June 1, 1785, married Patience Crawford, March 6, 1806, died April 23, 1861.

6. Gabriel Wilson2, born Oct. 1787, died May 9, 1815, married Sarah Oglesby, Dec. 29, 1807.

7. Jeremiah Wilson2, born 1792, married Elizabeth Lucas, died Jan. 1877.

8. Elihu Wilson2, born March 22, 1796, married Katherine Tullis on Nov. 6, 1815, died March 19, 1856.

9. Allen Wilson2, born Oct. 9, 1798, married first, Mary Hurst on Dec. 6, 1821, second, Serena Hurst, and third, Margaret Fulford. He died Oct. 23, 1855.

10. Henry Wilson2, born Sept., 1801, died June 3, 1817.

Allen Wilson2, son of Captain James Wilson and Eliza Ann Gordon, was born in Effingham County, Georgia, on Oct. 9, 1798. He married in Effingham County Mary Hurst, born Jan. 11, 1800 of Thomas Hurst (son of Wm. Hurst, Revolutionary Soldier) and Serena Wylly. Their children:

1. James Thomas Wilson3, born March 16, 1823, married Adaline Hendry, daughter of James Edward Hendry (son of Wm, son of Robt, Revolutionary Soldier) and Lydia Carlton. He died Oct. 28, 1889.

2. Gabriel Wilson3, born Feb. 17, 1824, married Susan Fulford (a sister of Allen Wilson's 3rd wife), died July 16, 1868.

3. Eliza A. Wilson3, born Sept. 8, 1825, married first, Henry H. Jones in Thomas County; second, Hillery B. Humphries; died Sept. 7, 1903.

Allen Wilson2, together with his wife and 3 children, moved from Effingham to Thomas County, Georgia, in 1826, and settled four miles north of Thomasville, on what is now the Thomasville-Moultrie Road. His wife Mary died there on Oct. 15, 1826. On Jan. 25, 1827, he married Serena Hurst, a full sister to his first wife, Mary Hurst. To this marriage was born:

4. Henry Alfred Wilson3, born Nov. 25, 1827, married Caroline Hurst, his first cousin, on Sept. 25, 1846.

5. Harriet Wilson3, born June 10, 1829, married David Hall, son of James Hall.

6. John Wiley Wilson3, born Dec. 4, 1830, married Elizabeth Hall (sister of above David hall), died March 25, 1902.

7. Susannah Wilson3, born April 30, 1832, married Terrell Fielder, died on Oct. 9, 1851.

8. Francis Marion Wilson3, born Dec. 22, 1833, married Nancy Jane Coston, died June 8, 1866.

Serena Hurst Wilson died Nov. 5, 1843, and on Jan. 29, 1846, Allen Wilson married Margaret Fulford, born Jan. 5, 1825. To this marriage was born in Thomas County, Georgia:

9. Peyton Smith Wilson3, born Dec. 7, 1846, died March 1, 1848.

10. Allen Wilson3, born Oct. 9, 1848, died unmarried.

11. Jeremiah Wilson3, born May 9, 1851, married Susie Turner, no children; died Sept. 23, 1895.

12. Charles Wilson3, born Dec. 13, 1854, did not marry, died February, 1876.

Allen Wilson2, father of the above children, died Oct. 23, 1855, and is buried in the Wilson Cemetery about four miles north of Thomasville, Georgia, on the west side of and adjoining the Thomasville-Moultrie Road, in which cemetery his three wives are also buried. Thomas Hurst and Serena (Wylly) Hurst, his wife, are also buried in this cemetery.

Francis Marion Wilson3, son of Allen Wilson and Serena Hurst, was born Dec. 22, 1833. In 1856 he married Nancy Jane Coston, designated an orphan. Nothing is known of her background except that she was born on March 12, 1841, in Stewart County, Georgia. Francis Marion Wilson3 was a Methodist minister and so moved frequently. He died June 8, 1866, at the age of 33, and his wife died in Polk County on Jan. 9, 1887. Six children were born of this marriage:

1. James Allen4, born Dec. 12, 1857, in Thomas County, Georgia. He married Sally Cebelle Whitfield on Jan. 14, 1880, and they had 6 children. He died in Polk County, Florida, July 29, 1930.

2. Francis Marion4 born April 6, 1859, married first, Adelaide Hendry; second, Florence Carson; died Nov. 8, 1914.

3. Melville Dozier4, born Sept. 19, 1860, died unmarried Dec. 10, 1878.

4. Nancy Eugenia4, born April 9, 1862, in Georgia. Married Benjamin F. Moody Aug. 29, 1876. He was the son of Benjamin and Lydia (Carlton) Moody, said Lydia Carlton having first married James Edward Hendry. 5 children were born of this marriage. (See James Thomas Wilson3)

Francis Marion Wilson4







5. Charles Lee4 born Sept. 18, 1863, in Clay County, Georgia. On Sept. 29, 1885, he married Ada E. Mitchell in Polk County, where she was born in 1868. They had 5 children, and he died Feb. 14, 1953, in Bartow, where he owned and operated a hardware store.

6. William Capers4, born May 2, 1865, in Clay County. He was licensed to preach in October, 1886, never married, died at Homeland, Florida. He was probably named for the Georgia Bishop, William Capers, who has many namesakes.

Francis Marion Wilson4, son of Rev. Francis Marion Wilson and Nancy Jane Coston, was born in Moultrie, Georgia, April 6, 1859. He moved with his family to Polk County when he was 14, and lived in the lower part of the county. On Dec. 17, 1884, he married Adelaide Victoria Hendry (born April 13, 1866, died Feb. 21, 1894), daughter of Judge George Washington Hendry. They had the following children:

1. Eugenia Oglesby5. born April 4, 1886, married Ivan O. Davis, lived in Benton and Little Rock, Ark. Both were deaf mutes, had no children.

2. Cecil Hendry5, born Aug. 30, 1889, married Esther Ashton, lived in Bartow, Florida, died in 1944. They had 2 children. He was an M.D.

3. Roland Coston5, born Nov. 20, 1890, married Ruth Lamb, had 1 daughter. He was a mechanic, owned and operated his own garage.

After the death of his first wife, Dr. Wilson married her cousin, Florence Marie Carson, daughter of Rev. Robert Anderson Carson (also a Methodist minister) and Georgia Ann Carlton on Oct. 10, 1895. They had 2 children:

4. Helen Marie5, born Dec. 5, 1896, married Charles LaRue Wiggins on Dec. 25, 1913, in Tampa, Florida.

5. Layton Marion5, born Nov. 27, 1898, married Anna Elizabeth Fisher on June 2, 1926, had one child, Leighton Marion, Jr. (Layton was named for a friend of his father's, Dr. Layton. In adulthood, he changed the spelling to 'Leighton'). He died Dec. 5, 1970, in Tampa, Fla.

Francis Marion Wilson4 was a physician and practiced medicine in Bartow until his death in 1914 at the age of 55. A copy of his will is in the files of the Polk County Historical Library. His brother, Charles Lee Wilson, was one of the executors of the will.








(Left) Florence Marie Carson Wilson

(Above)Eugenia Oglesby Wilson and husband  Ivan O. Davis





Obituary of Dr. F. M. Wilson

Clipping from the Bartow RECORD, reprinted from the TAMPA  TRIBUNE
November 10, 1914


The many friends of Dr. F. M. Wilson will be pained to hear  of his demise which occurred at his home in Bartow Sunday evening  at 6:30. He was only 55 years old, yet his death was not a surprise to family or friends as he had been in failing health several years; although sparing no time or expense to regain his normal strength and vitality by consulting noted specialists, the disease that was sapping his life could not be checked, and gradually  gained ascendancy.

All the summer "Dr. Frank," as he was familiarly called, was able to sit up and was seen every day sitting on the front veranda. Later on he was confined to his bed where he has had many weeks of long, patient, suffering, attended by his family with loving care.

Dr. Wilson removed with his parents from Georgia to this state when he was 14 years old and lived in the lower part of  the county. After his marriage to Miss Adelade Hendry, they came  to Bartow to make their home, and here he engaged in the practice  of his profession, which was large and lucrative. He held the confidence of his patients to a marked degree, and was successful  in results from treatment of disease and at all times sympathetic and interested in his patients.

Having lost his first wife about 20 years ago, he was later  married to Miss Florence Carson of Ft. Myers. He is survived by 3 children of the first marriage, namely, Dr. Cecil Wilson, Mrs. Ivan Davis, and Roland Wilson, his second wife, and two children by that union, Mrs. Charles Wiggins and Layton Wilson.  All were present in the last sad hour.

Dr. Wilson became a member of the Methodist Church when he was sixteen years old, and laid a strong hold on the promises by faith in his declining days. Funeral services were conducted  from the family home on Parker Street by Rev. J. F. Bell at one  o'clock, after which a long procession of sorrowing friends followed the remains to the family burying ground at Homeland, where the  body was laid to rest. The exercises were in charge of the Masons and those who acted as pallbearers were F. P. Day, G. C. Scanlin,  T. A. Goode, J. W. Wallwork, C. E. Earnest, and J. W. Crum.

This prominent man will be greatly missed in the community by a large circle of friends and relatives, being connected with many of the oldest and best families in Polk County and South  Florida. The city and the community is in deep sympathy with the sorrowing wife and children in their bereavement.

Brothers and Sisters of Dr. Francis Marion Wilson4 and their Families

James Allen Wilson4 (Francis Marion Wilson, Allen Wilson, Capt. James Wilson, R.S.) was born in Thomas County, Georgia, Dec. 12, 1857, died July 29, 1930, in Polk County, Florida. On January 14, 1880, he married Sallie Cebelle Whitfield, born May 18, 1858, in Putnam County, Florida, died July 18, 1937, in Polk County. They had the following children, all born in Polk County, Florida:

1. Emory Pelote5, born October 23, 1880, married Daisy N. Polk

2. Marion Dozier5, born Feb. 18, 1883, married Estelle M. Hamilton

3. Claude Evans5, born July 6, 1885, married Bertha J. Boston

4. Eva Irene5, born Sept. 23, 1887, married George M. Mitchell, no children

5. Norton Whitfield5, born July 14, 1889, married Marian Dortch

6. Paul Ernest5, born Sept. 10, 1891, married Lillian Marie Waller

Paul Ernest Wilson5, son of James Allen Wilson, was born in Homeland, Florida. On April 2, 1921, he married Lillian M. Waller, born Oct. 21, 1900, daughter of Samuel Anthony Waller and Aurelia Jane Willis, his wife. They have three children: Paul Ernest6 born Feb. 6, 1923; James Cecil6, born August 7, 1926; and Claude Evans6, born July 29, 1931.

Nancy Eugenia Wilson4, daughter of Rev. Francis Marion Wilson, was born April 9, 1862, died in Polk County, Florida. On August 29, 1876, she married Benjamin F. Moody, son of Benjamin and Lydia (Carlton) Moody; the said Lydia Carlton having married first James Edward Hendry. Their children were:

1. Melville William5, born Nov. 17, 1879, married first Lillian Sands, no children; married second Mrs. Meda (Durrance) Donahue, daughter of James Allen Durrance and Gabriella Julia Carlton, his wife.

2. Frederick Lester5, born Dec. 28, 1881, married Mollie LaRue, daughter of Mark H. LaRue and Annie Pylant, his wife, no children

3. Kline Barnett5, born Sept. 5, 1883, married Callie Hortense Kennedy

4. Mable Adelaide5, born March 14, 1886, married Raymond M. Dillon

5. Eugenia Ruth5, born Nov. 29, 1895, married John Wesley Parker, son of Thomas H. Parker, no children.

Melville William Moody5, son of Nancy Eugenia (Wilson) Moody, was born at Homeland, lived in Miami, Florida. Children of M. W. Moody and second wife:

1. Eston Wright6, born August 2, 1917.

2. Mary Louise6, born May 7, 1920.

3. Lydia Lee6, born May 25, 1925.

Kline Barnett Moody5, born in Homeland, was living in Miami in 1940. His children by Callie Hortense Kennedy, born Feb. 16, 1884, daughter of Rancome Martin Kennedy and Anna Belle Steele, his wife. Their children were

1. Kline Barnett6, born March 20, 1918

2. Alice Hortense6, born May 9, 1921

3. Benjamin Franklyn6, born May 9, 1926

Mabel Adelaide Moody5, daughter of Nancy Eugenia (Wilson) Moody, was born in Homeland. She married Raymond M. Dillon, born 1884 in Miami, Florida, where they were living in 1940. Their children were:

1. Melville Edmund6, born Oct. 22, 1907

2. Elizabeth6, born August 19, 1909, married Wm. Francis Theobold, Jr.

3. Eugenia6, born Sept. 16, 1912, married Ralph Fred Allen

4. Ruth Rosemary6, born May 30, 1919.

Elizabeth Dillon6, daughter of Mable Adelaide (Moody) Dillon, was born in Miami, Florida. She married William F. Theobold Jr. on June 12, 1931 (he was born Sept. 23, 1907). They have one daughter, Elizabeth Anne7 born November 16, 1933.

Eugenia Dillon6, daughter of Mabel Adelaide (Moody) Dillon, was born in Miami. On June 17, 1935, she married Dr. Ralph Fred Allen, and they have one child, Jayne Carolyn6, born November 10, 1936.

Charles Lee Wilson6, son of Rev. Francis Marion Wilson, was born in Clay County, Georgia Sept. 18, 1863, died February 14, 1953 in Bartow, Fla. On Sept. 29, 1885, he married Ada Elvira Mitchell, born in Polk County on July 19, 1868. They had the following children:

1. Beulah Agnes7, born July 17, 1886, married R. Ira Barnett

2. Vida M.7, born April 2, 1888, died Sept. 28, 1895

3. Robert Borden7, born January 26, 1890, married Mamie Forsyth

4. Frank Lucien7, born May 20, 1892, married first, Elsa Sutton, second, _____ Hoover

5. Leo Hughes7, born Feb. 19, 1897, married Maude Parry.

Melville Dozier Wilson4, son of Rev. Francis Marion Wilson, died unmarried on December 10, 1878.

William Capers Wilson4, died unmarried in October, 1886.

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