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The Wiggins Family





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The Wiggins Family

The Raulersons
The Stalveys

Foreword by Merriam Roebuck Wiggins

Most of the information on the Wiggins, Raulerson, and Stalvey families came from a devoted genealogist, Miss Venetia Dees, of Anaheim, California. I have corresponded with her extensively, and Frank and I visited with her on one of our California trips. She is the great-granddaughter of John Baggs Raulerson (page 5, No. 8), is also related to the Sloans (page 3, No. 2) and the Stalveys. She is a Mormon and this is religious work for her. The information came from censuses, cemeteries, courthouse records, Bible records, voluminous correspondence, and personal visits. In addition, we have also researched censuses, cemeteries, genealogical libraries, and have visited and questioned many members of the family. I believe the information is correct.

-- 1981, Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas

Foreword by Robert Roebuck Wiggins

These formatted documents were originally prepared in 1993 from the original research and photographs collected by Merriam Roebuck Wiggins 20 years earlier, and were given as Christmas gifts to the descendants of Charles LaRue Wiggins and William Robert Roebuck. They are included on these web pages as a major part of our family history, and contain some family stories and other information not in any database, but have not been updated in many years, and some of the information is incorrect. For more current research, see the GED2HTML and GEDCOM pages (under development) at

-- 1999, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

The Wiggins Family

Tradition has it that three Wiggins brothers emigrated from Ireland to America in the 1700's, one settling in North Carolina, one in South Carolina, and one in Georgia. This is not easy to pin down, since on the 1790 census, there were 43 Wiggins families in North Carolina (of which two were headed by a William Wiggins), 6 in South Carolina, and at least 4 William Wigginses in Georgia before 1800. Since middle names were not used before 1800, individuals are difficult to identify.

The first ancestor we are sure of was William Wiggins1, who came to Georgia from South Carolina and married a Georgia belle named Irvin or Irving. Her family plantation was called Irvington and was located on the Withlacooche River in Irwin County, Georgia, where at least the first two children were born. The children were:

1. Erly or Early2, born in 1812, married a woman named Sealy. Their daughter Sarah married David Raulerson, son of Noel Rabun Raulerson, listed on page 3 with the Raulerson family.

2. William M., born Feb. 1, 1813 at Ocilla, Irwin County, married Emarentha Raulerson, had 10 children, died Oct. 12. 1891.

3. Andrew2, born about 1823. He is shown on the 1860 census of Hillsborough County, Florida, with wife Elisabeth, and 5 children.

4. John2, about whom we know nothing.

5. Mary Jane2, who married a Drawdy. In Mt. Enon Cemetery is a grave stone marked `Sarah E. Drawdy, born 27 Feb 1850, died 1888', most likely a daughter of Mary Jane.

William M. Wiggins2 was called `that red-headed Irishman.' He married Emarentha Raulerson before 1839, and was shown on the 1840 census of Columbia County, Florida, with $1300 personal property and $3325 land. He moved with his family to Hillsborough County in the early 1840s, where he was listed on the 1860 census with $1200 personal property and $2325 land, and an English schoolteacher as part of his household. He was shot in the hip during the Civil War, and was pushed everywhere in a wheelchair by a former slave. He died Oct. 12, 1891. He and his wife are both buried at Mt. Enon, near Plant City. The children of William M. Wiggins and Emarentha Raulerson were:

1. Eliza3, born Sept. 3, 1839 in Columbia County, Florida. She married Thomas B. Ellis, died Sept. 25, 1890; both are buried at Mt. Enon. Their daughter, Arintha E. and her husband, Ben Stalvey, are also buried there. There were four other children.

2. John Rabun3, born 1840 in Columbia County, married Rachel Sloan (daughter of Rev. Daniel Sloan) on July 12, 1860, died in the Confederate Army. They had a daughter Nannie, who married a Collins.

3. James Millage3, born 1842 in Columbia County, died Confederate Army.

4. William Leroy3, born April 2, 1843, married Gabriella Blocker (1848-1915) on June 15, 1866. They had 13 children. He died June 12, 1925; both he and his wife are buried at Mt. Enon.

5. Emily R.3, born 1845 in Hillsborough County, married Stephen Blocker on June 17, 1866, died 1929. Both are buried at Mt. Enon.

6. Mary Jane3, born April 25, 1847, Hillsborough County, married William Webb, died Jan. 23, 1929. Both are buried at Mt. Enon. The 1880 census of Polk County listed Mary Jane with 4 children, so her husband must have died before that. He was a preacher, probably Baptist.

7. Jesse M.3, born 1849 Hillsborough County, married Kezziah Wetherington June 25, 1869. There are no known children by this marriage.

8. Early Irving3, born Oct. 29, 1853, Hillsborough County, married Penelope Stalvey, died 1935, is buried at Mt. Enon.

9. Angelina3, born 16, 1854, married first John T. Evers; second, Zach Holloway in May, 1894; and third, a Mr. Allen. She died April 2, 1929, and is buried at Mt. Enon.

10. Martha Penelope3, born 1855, married John Villagren Hamilton, had 7 children, died August 2, 1948.

There are 36 known grandchildren and who knows how many great- and great-greats from this marriage.

Emarentha Raulerson, wife of William M. Wiggins2, and mother of the above children, had an interesting but complex background. There were many half-brothers and half-sisters in the family (some probably not listed here), and it is difficult to sort them all out. Emarentha was the daughter of Nancy Eleanor Baggs (1785-1866) and a Mr. Raulerson, possibly Jacob. Nancy Eleanor Baggs was married first to J. Martin West and had a son:

1. J. M. West, born Dec. 25, 1801.

After the death of Mr. West, she married John M. Brannen and had the following children:

2. Sarah Brannen, born Oct. 6, 1806, married Joel Curry.

3. John M. Brannen, born Jan. 8, 1809, married Elizabeth Bonnell.

4. Nancy Brannen, born 1810, married Elder John W. Futch, died 1847.

5. Eliza Ann Brannen, born Oct. 6, 1813. She had two sons, Joseph and James Brannen, probably illegitimate. She then married, in January, 1838, John G. Thomas, who was a blockade runner during the Civil War and owned 160 acres of what is now Plant City. The younger son, James, took the Thomas name, and the older son was killed by a train about 1884. Eliza Ann Brannen Thomas died August 25, 1899.

After the death of Mr. Brannen came the Raulerson children (full name of father unknown):

6. Emarentha Raulerson, born May 4, 1816, married William M. Wiggins.

7. Noel Rabun Raulerson, born July 9, 1818, in Wayne County, Georgia, married Tempe Whidden `on the Suwanee River' in February, 1839, had 13 children, died in Bartow, Florida, July 6, 1910. (There was also a Rabun Wiggins listed above. There was a County in Georgia, Rabun).

8. John Baggs Raulerson, born May 15, 1822, in Wayne County, married Civility Frier on July 23, 1843, in Trouperville, Georgia, had 11 children, died April 5, 1901. He and his wife are buried at Mt. Enon. (I know names of 33 of his grandchildren. There were others.)

9. William Raulerson, born March 4, 1824, married Mary Godwin on April 21, 1860, in Ft. Meade, Fla. They had 12 children; he died May 26, 1895.

10. Jacob (possibly a Raulerson and not Eleanor's son) married Mary Raulerson, a cousin, died about 1886. There was a story that Mary was pregnant and her father offered 50 head of cattle to whomever would marry her. It is a fact that the year after his marriage, Jacob paid taxes on 50 head of cattle.

11. Jackson (`Speckled Jack'), also possibly not Eleanor's son.

Eleanor Raulerson was listed on the 1830 census of Alachua County, Florida (having moved there from Georgia about 1826), with 9 children and no husband. She must have been quite a woman to raise a family in those times by herself. While most men were burying 2 or 3 wives, she buried 3 husbands. In 1850 and 1860, she was listed as a part of the household of John Baggs Raulerson, her son (No. 8). I know the names of 48 of her grandchildren. There were many more.

Early Irving Wiggins3, son of William M. Wiggins and Emarentha Raulerson, was born in Hillsborough County, Florida. He married Penelope Stalvey in 1880 when she was 14 and he was 27. They had the following children:

1. William Webster4, born in Youmans, Hillsborough County, married Ollie Owens, had daughters Inez (who married a Marsh), and Lorene.

2. Irving Bennett4, born Sept. 6, 1884, in Youmans; married Jessie Etta Deshong on August 11, 1912, at Dover, Florida. They had 4 children and he died April 25, 1957, is buried at Mt. Enon. Aunt Etta and her son, Jesse, lived in the old homestead near Plant City until their deaths July 26, 1982 and June 24, 1988 respectively.

3. Charles LaRue4, born Oct. 3, 1886, at Youmans. He married Blanche Forgey, then after her death, Helen Marie Wilson, died March 8, 1935.

4. Zelda Mae4, born Oct. 15, l894, at Youmans, married Silas Taft Mercer on Dec. 7, 1910. They had 3 children. Her second husband was Henry Carl Brantley, who died in 1973.


Charles LaRue Wiggins

and sister Zelda Mae Wiggins









Circa 1917, from left: Irving Wiggins, Van  Wiggins, Gordon Wiggins, and Frank LaRue Wiggins with grandfather Early Irving Wiggins








5. Moses Gordon4, born March 5, 1895, at Youmans, married Minnie Cannon, had no children, died Aug. 19, 1951.

6. Van Myers4, born November, 1900, at Youmans. He married first Bessie Brown, and second, Ethel Woods, and had 3 children.

Penelope Stalvey, wife of Early Irving Wiggins3, and mother of the above children, was the daughter of Moses Stalvey (born 1838 in Ware County, Georgia) and Nancy Tomlinson (born 1838). Moses Stalvey was the son of Benjamin Stalvey (born S.C. 1810) and Susan Turner of Hamilton County, Florida. Benjamin Stalvey was son of John Stalvey who was son of Peter Stalvey, Revolutionary Soldier.

Nancy Tomlinson was the daughter of John Tomlinson of Bulloch County, Georgia (1804-1863) and Zilpah Register. John Tomlinson was son of William Tomlinson (1781-1866) (who was son of John Tomlinson, Revolutionary Soldier) and Nancy Register, daughter of John Register, Revolutionary Soldier. Zilpah Register married her first cousin. Her parents were Samuel Register (son of John Register, Revolutionary Soldier—same as above) and Eliz. Skinner.

Penelope Stalvey died in the flu epidemic of 1918, and Early Irving Wiggins3 died in July, 1935, in the same county where he was born. He was the father of 6 children and grandfather of 18, a very religious man, and was instrumental in the beginning of the Mt. Enon Primitive Baptist Church, of which he wrote a history presently in the files of the Polk County Historical Library in Bartow. He was a successful farmer, and his land lay partly in Hillsborough and partly in Polk County. He donated the land which now comprises Mt. Enon. Cemetery.















Above: Charles LaRue Wiggins as a young man (left) and later in life (right)
Below left:
Gordon Wiggins, Charles Forgey and Charles  LaRue Wiggins









Charles LaRue Wiggins4, named for Dr. LaRue who delivered him, married first Mary Blanche Forgey on May 13, 1908, and they had one child:

1. Charles Forgey5, born July 2, 1910, married Amelia Brooks Ryder March 10, 1934. They had two daughters. Charles died August 18, 1990.

Mary Blanche Forgey burned to death when an oil stove exploded, and Charles LaRue Wiggins then married Helen Marie Wilson on Dec. 25, 1913, in Tampa, Florida.

They had the following children:

2. Frank LaRue5, born Sept. 25, 1914, in Lakeland, Florida, married Merriam Roebuck Jan. 23, 1937, in Lonoke, Arkansas. They have 4 children, live in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

3. Cecil Wilson5, born Dec. 8, 1915, at Youmans, died Feb. 24, 1927. He was hit by a car while he and brother Frank were selling strawberries in a roadside stand.

4. Marion Lewis5, born June 17, 1920, in Tiger Bay, Florida, married Albina Yonick of Pennsylvania. They had 3 daughters. Marion died Nov. 17, 1989.

5. Madge Elaine5, born Oct. 28, 1921, at Youmans, married Clarence N. Flanagan in Houston, Texas. They had 4 children.

6. Helen Marie5, born Sept. 20, 1923, in Youmans, married Charles Anthony Guerin on April 21, 1943, in New Orleans, La. They had no children. Charles Guerin was killed when hit by a car in 1947 in Houston, and his widow died there April 19, 1991.

7. Amelia Ann5, born Jan. 17, 1930, in Tampa, Florida. On Jan. 22, 1948, she married Thomas Nicholson Lyons in Houston, Texas, where they now live. They have 12 children.

Charles LaRue Wiggins4 farmed the family acres in Youmans, later moved to Tampa where he became a Deputy Sheriff. He died in Tampa of lung cancer in March, 1935. His wife, Helen Wilson Wiggins , moved to Houston in 1939 with her three daughters. The family of Helen Marie Wilson Wiggins is covered in THE WILSON FAMILY.

It is safe to say that our William Wiggins1, who started his family in 1812, has thousands of descendants, bearing a multitude of names. It would be virtually impossible to know all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, and their families, but listed here are the ones most directly involved.

(Above) Helen Wilson Wiggins and son Frank LaRue Wiggins(December 1914)

(Below) Helen Wilson Wiggins and Charles  LaRue Wiggins(circa 1923)

(Bottom) Helen and Charles LaRue  Wiggins, with children Frank, Marion, Wilson, Elaine, and Charles Forgey (1923)






































(Left) Helen Wilson Wiggins and Charles LaRue Wiggins with children Frank, Elaine, Marion, Wilson, and (in car)Charles Forgey (circa 1923)

(Right) Helen Wilson Wigginswith children (from l-r)Helen Marie, Amelia Anne, Frank LaRue, Marion Lewis, and Madge Elaine (circa 1975)

(Below)The children of Helen Wilson Wiggins,together for the last time at her funeral (from l-r)Charles Forgey, Frank, Marion, Father Gerard Joubert of the Holy Rosary Church, Elaine, Helen, and Amelia (1984)

(Bottom)Headstones of Charles LaRue Wiggins, Mary Blanche Forgey and Cecil Wilson Wiggins in the Mt. Enon Cemetery near Plant City, Florida






















Wiggins Family Miscellany


Penelope Stalvey, wife of Early Irving Wiggins had  someillustrious ancestors among the pioneers of this country. Of her immediate family, we know only that she had abrother Benjamin, who married Arintha Ellis (niece of Early  Irving Wiggins, seepage 2), and asister Dicey who married a Raulerson. (The same names keep appearing, and  although these two were probably not related, there was quite  a lot of intermarriage among cousins in the 19th century. This  was due to the fact that the population was not large, was mostly  rural, and people naturally associated with their `kin' more than with others.)

Uncle `Web' was in the fertilizer business in Plant City,  and later owned and operated a hotel at Kissimmee. Children of William Webster Wiggins and wife Ollie were:

1. Inez, who married aMarsh.

2. Lorene

Children of Uncle `Irv' and Aunt Etta were:

1. Jesse Irving, born March 6, 1916, never married, lived with Aunt Etta.

2. Agnes Penelope, born Aug. 17, 1917, married Gene Prevatt,  has three children.

3. Clyde Calhoun, born 1920, died 1926, in Ohio, when this  family was living there. It was during the years they were in  Ohio that the Charles Wiggins family lived and farmed the land there near Plant city.

4. Marguerite Etta, born May 12, 1923, married Grant Hutto, has two children, lived next door to Aunt Etta.

(from l-r)Frank LaRue Wiggins, Aunt Etta and son Jesse (1976) in front of the farmhouse where  Frank grew up, and where Elaine and Helen were born


Children of Aunt Zeld and Silas Taft Mercer were:

1. Leta Alberta, born March 12, 1912, married Claude Mahone, has one child, Irene.

2. Wiggins Taft, born May 2, 1914, married Edith, no children.

3. Zelda Mae, born Nov. 8, 1920, married Frank Long, has 3 children; Barbara, married a Dr. Golden; Nancy, married Jim Hall, and Carla Sue.

Uncle Van, who was married twice, had three children: Joe, Cecil, and a daughter nicknamed `Sister'. He moved around a lot, and the family lost touch with him after he moved west many years ago. It is not known if he is still living.

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