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Ancestors of Charles LaRue Wiggins (Stalvey, Raulerson, Tomlinson, Register, Baggs)

Ancestors of Helen Marie Wilson (Carson, Carlton, Alderman, Hurst)

Ancestors of William Robert Roebuck (Michael, Veal)

Ancestors of Wylma Maude Childress (Goodale, Burger, Kimball, Knowlton, Abbe, Cook)

The pages here were created with Family Origins 7.0, using its built-in GEDCOM to HTML conversion capability. The book forms (links below) offer more detail, and more photographs, but this format includes most of my source citations. I intend in the future to also include a GED2HTML version suitable for linking to the GENDEX indices which will include an additional 400+ cousins not in my direct ancestry.

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