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The Carlton Family

Thomas Carleton1, Revolutionary Soldier, and his wife, Martha, had a son John C. Carlton2, born April 20, 1775, in Duplin County, N.C. He married Nancy Ann Alderman (born Nov. 17, 1775 in Duplin County of David Alderman, Revolutionary Soldier, and his wife, Jemima Hall. David was the son of another Daniel Alderman and Abigail Harris. This Daniel was the son of Thomas Alderman, who was son of William Alderman.) Nancy Ann Alderman Carlton died in Madison County Florida, on June 4, 1867, and Judge John C. Carlton died in Madison County Feb. 26, 1868. They had a family of 9 children:

1. Thomas3, born 1799, died Dec. 1841.

2. Mary3, born Nov. 3, 1801, died July 3, 1890.

3. Alderman3, born Jan. 2, 1803, married Martha Maria Alderman, died in Indian Wars 1856.

4 Stephen3, born Aug. 3, 1805, died Jan. 9, 1886.

5. William3, born October, 1807, married Harriet Hendry (daughter of William Hendry, son of Robert, Revolutionary Soldier). She was aunt of Adaline Hendry, who married James Thomas Wilson3.

6. Elizabeth3, born 1808, died October, 1862.

7. Lydia3, born April 4, 1812, married first, James Edward Hendry (1808-1852), brother of Harriett above, and father of Adaline, and second, Benjamin Moody. A son of her second marriage was Benjamin F. Moody, who married Nancy Eugenia Wilson, sister of Dr. Francis Marion Wilson. Lydia died May 24, 1898.

8. John Wright3, born Feb 3, 1818, died Jan.13, 1894.

9. Martha Ann3, born June, 1820, married Rev. Robert McFall Hendry, brother of James Edward (husband of Lydia3) and of Harriett (wife of William3). She died Oct. 18, 1900.

How the Carltons, Hendrys, and Wilsons sorted out their relationships is a puzzle, there was so much intermarriage among these three families.

Alderman Carlton3, son of Nancy Ann and Judge John C. Carlton, was born in 1803, married Martha Maria Alderman, his first cousin, on September 22, 1822. He was a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S Army, and was killed in a battle with the Seminoles on June 14, 1856. He is buried at Ft. Meade. Martha Maria Alderman was born March 3, 1806, the daughter of Daniel Alderman (who was the son of David Alderman, Revolutionary Soldier, and Jemima Hall). She lived on 13 years after the birth of her 14th child, and died June 13, 1859, at the age of 53.



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Children of Alderman Carlton and Martha Maria Alderman were:

1. Daniel Wilson4 (1823-1896). He was wounded in the 1856 battle in which his father was killed.

2. Mary Ann4, born 1825.

3. William Thomas4, 1829-1896.

4. Martha Jane4, born 1829.

5. Elizabeth4, born and died in 1831.

6. Minerva4, born 1833, died 1842.

7. Isaac4, born 1835, died 1895.

8. Priscilla4, born 1837.

9. Susannah4, born 1839, died 1873.

10. Missouri4, born 1841, died 1843.

11. Sarah4, born 1844, died 1887.

12. Thomas C.4, born and died in the year 1850.

13. Nancy4, born and died in the year 1851.

14. Georgia Ann4, born Aug. 6, 1846, married Rev. Robert Anderson Carson on March 6, 1865, in Polk County, died March 1, 1931, in Ft. Myers, Lee County.

Georgia Ann Carlton married a Methodist minister, Robert Anderson Carson, son of Robert Carson, on March 6, 1865, in Polk County, and they moved to Ft. Myers about 1878. Robert Anderson Carson, born about 1835, and both his parents were natives of Mississippi, according to the 1880 census of Monroe County, Florida. (Lee County was carved out of Monroe County in 1887, so that Ft. Myers is now in Lee County). His occupation was also listed on that census as farmer, and we can conclude that he did not make his living preaching but did it as a sideline. The Carsons were living in Ft. Myers at the time of his death, which was before 1896, and Georgia Ann Carlton Carson continued to live there until she died on March 1, 1931. Both of them, along with their sons Frank and Robert, are buried in Ft. Myers. Their children were:

1. Effie5, born 1865, married Sam Carlton, a first cousin, was living in Plant City in 1931.

2. Kenedy5, born 1867, was living in Ft. Myers in 1931.

3. Frank5, born 1869, became a cattleman, married Kate, had a son and daughter, died before 1931.

4. Florence Marie5, born Feb. 9, 1872, in Immokalee, died 1954 in Tampa.

5. Flora5, twin to Florence, born Feb. 9, 1872, in Imokalee, married Ed Gilbert, had 3 daughters, was living in Plant City in 1954.

6. Robert5, born 1873, did not marry, died before 1931.

7. Adolphus5, born 1875, was living in Immokalee in 1931.

8. Marvin5, born 1877, was a hunters' guide, was living in Immokalee in 1931.

9. Sam5, living in LaBelle, Florida in 1931.

10. Sadie5, married Walter Weekly, was living in Georgia in 1931.

11. Mrs. J. W. Medlock, living in Jacksonville in 1931.

Grandfather Carson had died before Mamma (Helen Wilson Wiggins) was born. Mamma said that as a child she and Layton went with their mother several summers to visit her grandmother in Ft. Myers. They always stayed with her Uncle Frank and Aunt Katie (No. 3), but Mamma would stay across the street with her cousin Isabel Hendry, who was only a few years older than she. Isabel's parents `Cousin Julia and Cousin Jim' Hendry, had taken care of Grandmother Florence Carson from the time she was 12 and came to live with them (for what reason I do not know). Witnesses recorded on the marriage license of F. M. Wilson and Florence Carson were J. E. Hendry and Julia I. Hendry. On the 1880 census this Cousin Jim Hendry was listed as a hotel proprietor.

The obituary of Georgia Ann Carlton Carson published in the Ft. Myers paper March 2, 1931, stated that she was a great-aunt of Governor Doyle E. Carlton, and that she was survived by 9 children, 19 grandchildren (of whom Mamma was one), and 19 great-grandchildren (of whom Frank, Marion, Elaine, Helen, and Amelia were 5).


NOTE: The information on the Carlton family is not part of the Wilson Family papers, but is on microfilm in the Polk County Historical Library. Other resources were the 1880 census of Monroe County, Florida, the obituary of Georgia Ann Carson, and Mamma's (Helen Wilson Wiggins) memory.

Lydia3 and Her Daughters


This photo is a collector's item for those interested in the history of southwest Florida. It shows Mrs. Lydia Carlton Hendry Moody, seated at left, and her five daughters. Seated at center is Cornelia (Mrs. Edward "Dose" Wilder), and seated at right, Martha Ann (Mrs. Simpson Singletary). Standing left to right, Adeline (Mrs. James T. Wilson), Mary Jane (Mrs. John Blount) and Lydia Oregon (Mrs. Benjamin Blount).

Lydia, the mother, was one of the eight children of John and Nancy Alderman Carlton. At the time of her death in 1898, at age 86, she had 383 direct descendants. Her first marriage was to James E. Hendry, who was one of seven brothers and four sisters, all but one of whom reared large families.

Lydia and James E. Hendry, married in 1829, had 11 children, among them Capt. Frances Asbury Hendry, who was a powerful influence in this part of Florida.

Her other Hendry sons—solid citizens all—were Albert J., George W. and William M. (Two children, Eli and Missouri, died in childhood.)

The family moved from Georgia to Hillsborough county in 1851 and settled on the Big Alafia river 21 miles east of Tampa. It was a mighty move, for the family consisted of parents, five daughters, four sons, two sons-in-law and four grandchildren.

Shortly after the party reached this section of Florida, Mr. Hendry returned to Georgia to settle his business affairs, and died there suddenly. Two years later Lydia married Benjamin Moody, a widower with four children. Mr. Moody was one of the earliest and most influential settlers in South Florida, having fought against Osceola, Coachoochee and other Seminoles in the Second Indian War, 1835-42.

He and Lydia had one child together, Benjamin F. Moody, Jr. Not counting those who had married and established homes of their own, this made a total of six Hendry and four Moody children, and one Hendry-Moody child all together under one roof. It was recorded that they lived together harmoniously.

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